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As De-AN Tech. Corporation is manufacturing company about environment and produce ‘oxyworld’ that is the comprehensive water purifying agent of new concept, Oxyworld is effective goods that purify water quality at every breeding farm, lake and pond in golf club also remove green and red algae. It was quoted from authorization office.

Especially, oxyworld feature is restraint green and red algae through removing nitrogen and phosphorus underwater, an increase dissolved oxygen(DO), prevention of bottom soil acidity through the reformation of bottom, dissolve organic and stench matters and restraint . And It is harmless for fish and marine organisms.

De AN Tech. Corporation applied related technique and produced water improvement agent for aquarium. Also makes every efforts to study on the technique about water quality of breeding farm, leisure, water source and ocean.

We request your encouragement and affection, fulfil our mission as an active worker of environmental industry. And to bear a part that take charge of administration of water resources, we'll see what we can do.